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Who Should Attend

  • Multi-Unit Franchisees and Multi-Concept Franchisees
  • Area Developers and Area Representatives
  • Chain Store Operators
  • Franchisors
  • Franchise Investors
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Finance Professionals

There's something for everyone at this conference.
Whether you are a franchisee, franchisor or supplier.



Hear Why Franchisees Attend

Michael Kulp: Multi-Concept Franchisee - Over 300 units and Growing

The Multi-Unit Franchising Conference provides content-rich learning opportunities geared towards franchisees. Our curriculum brings something different to the table and extends beyond what franchisees learn at their individual brand conferences. Our sessions and panels are comprised of franchisees positioned within different segments of the franchise industry. We also strive to provide plenty of opportunities for our franchisee participants to network amongst their peers. 

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Hear Why Franchisors Attend

Cody Armand: VP & COO, Mama Fu's Asian House

The 2014 Multi-Unit Franchising Conference was attended by more than 550 multi-unit franchisees, representing every segment of the franchise industry – food, retail and service. More than 70% of our participants say they were seeking new franchise opportunities. This conference is the perfect venue to effectively display your franchise opportunity to prospective multi-unit franchisees.

The conference programming is developed with the guidance of our Multi-Unit Franchisee Advisory Board. They share their expertise, challenges and experiences with participants. This provides a great opportunity for franchisors to learn (including CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents and Directors) in all disciplines in the organization – Sales, Operations, Marketing, Finance and Technology. 

Additionally, franchisee attendees admit they find brands with leadership presence at the conference more attractive than those without C-suite representation.

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Hear Why Exhibitors Attend

Service providers interested in reaching multi-unit franchisees and franchisors should attend the Multi-Unit Franchising Conference. With more than 550 multi-unit franchisees and 520 franchisor attendees, the conference provides a great opportunity to showcase your services and expertise.

  • “This is a networking conference that enables you to meet multi-unit franchisees you would never meet elsewhere. People that have much in common but have no forum for sharing best practices. This is what this conference is about.”

    Tony Lutfi, President & CEO, Marlu Investment Group

  • “I would make a strong recommendation to any franchisee looking for an opportunity to diversify their business, to grow their business, or even just to grow their capability within their
    business to attend this conference.”

    Michael Kulp, President & CEO, KBP Foods

  • "Jersey Mike's Subs has been coming to Franchise Update Media Group's Multi-Unit Franchising Conference since 2008. With confidence, I can say that this event yields significant results for us year in and year out. Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge, network with top franchisees throughout the franchising world, or meet your next multi-unit franchisee, this event is a must-attend for franchisors and franchisees alike. They should rename the conference to "How to Grow & Who to Grow With."

    Brian Sommers, VP, Franchise Development, Jersey Mike's Subs

  • “This is the place where deals get done, where multi-unit franchisees get bigger, where they coach smaller franchisees and where franchisees learn how to make more money.”

    Robert Branca, Jr., President, Branded Management Group / Branded Realty Group

  • "A wonderful show with great speakers and terrific information. The topics covered really hit home to us in the franchisee community, and it was delightful to meet other similar minded, industrious entrepreneurs."

    Ted Torres, President, Caerus Hospitality Partners

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