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Lloyd Sugarman
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Lloyd Sugarman


Since the first time Lloyd Sugarman set foot in a Johnny Rockets in the summer of 1986, it’s been nothing but rewarding. After meeting with the company founder Ronn Teitelbaum, Lloyd packed his bags and moved his family to California to work every possible aspect of a Johnny Rockets restaurant. After Lloyd had run several restaurants successfully, Teitelbaum asked him to sell half his restaurants and become Senior Vice President of Development for Johnny Rockets in 1989. After three years, Lloyd decided to get back into day-to-day restaurant operations. He gave up his position and focused on growing his own business, which is now up to 15 restaurants in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, California, Minnesota, and Tennessee. In addition, Lloyd introduced dancing servers, food court restaurant locations, and the Streamliner meatless burger, key elements of Johnny Rockets restaurants found to this day in the company’s nearly 300 locations worldwide. When asked what he looks forward to most with the opening of each restaurant, Lloyd replied, “Preparing for a Johnny Rockets opening is like preparing for the opening of a Broadway show. You want to build anticipation and create a buzz so that people are knocking on the door as soon as you’re ready to open..." Lloyd was profiled as Franchisee of the Month in the September 2012 issue of Restaurant Business magazine.

Johnny Rockets, The Original SoupMan, Golden Corral

Advisory Board:

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    Brian Sommers, VP Franchise Development, Jersey Mike's

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    Greg Vojnovic, CDO, Popeyes